2024 Baseball Division 1: Overview Month of June
01/07/2024 2 Minute Read

2024 Baseball Division 1: Overview Month of June

Also during the month of June, the usual suspects kept dominating Division 1. Hoboken Pioneers, Brasschaat Braves and Deurne Spartans are in the race for a spot in the playoffs. Borgerhout Squirrels is in fourth place but the Namur Angels are not far behind.

Even though they are in the second part of the standings, the Wallonian clubs are bugging the top four clubs where possible. For example Phoenix Mont-Saint-Guibert that beat the Brasschaat Braves twice in a double header on June 22nd. The other team from Wallonia, Namur Angels, beat Borgerhout Squirrels twice in the double header on June 8.

Merchtem Cats on the other hand, still firmly in last place, beat Phoenix MSG twice on June 8.

When we look to the leaderboard for batting average, it is predominately dominated by hitters of Hoboken Pioneers: Luis Unda (.510), Benjamin Goffaux (.500), Dennis de Quint (.471), and Lino Ballardini (.450). Only Frank Alejandro Prieto Burgos has settled for 4th place with an average of .463.

On the home run front, two Spartans are dominating. Daniel Bustamante leads the pack with 4 dingers, followed by team mate Johiner Alfonso Arguinzones Ocanto.with 3. Tim Veraghtert of the Borgerhout Squirrels also hit 3, together with Steven De Lannoy of the Brasschaat Braves,which contributed to Steven's lead in the RBI standings with 31 runs batted in. When it comes to Ribbies, the Braves are doing well as Robin Roevens and Hunter Cooper are in second and third place with 23 and 20 RBIs respectively.

Leonel Santiago Reina Viant proves to be a threat on the base paths as he stole 19 bases already.

The hits leader board is dominated by two teams: Deurne Spartans and Brasschaat Braves. Steven De Lannoy (Brasschaat Braves) is leading the pack with 33 hits, followed by Spartans Nando Mostaert and Alexis Marques, both with 30 hits.

Even though triples are the hardest extra base hit to hit, Matthew Joossens (Brasschaat Braves) has three under his belt already.

When it comes to on-base-percentage, this leader board is dominated by Hoboken Pioneers with Dennis de Quint leading with .640, followed by Benjamin Goffaux with .597. The only non-Pioneer is Raxon Martinez Miranda, who is in fifth place with an OBP of .557.

Two pitchers of the neighboring Spartans and Squirrels are leading the win leaderboard with six wins: Anderson Denny Gerdel Nieto and hired gun Yoshitaka Nammoku, who is also having thrown the most complete games (6) and leading the ERA leaderboard with a microscopic ERA of 0.82. Also in strikeouts, Nammoku is the best with 74 Ks.

Despite the fact that the Merchtem Cats are still in last place, Aaron Meert is leading the leaderboard of saves with two, next to Zane Hendrickx of Hoboken Pioneers.

In the standings there is an odd situation. With only twelve games played, Hoboken Pioneers is in a firm lead with eleven wins and only one loss (winning percentage os .917). Brasschaat Braves (2nd) and Deurne Spartans (3rd) both have played 18 games, with the Braves having a win more than the Spartans.