Baseball Division 1 April - May 2024: No-Hitters and Standout Performances Define the Start
05/06/2024 2 Minute Read

Baseball Division 1 April - May 2024: No-Hitters and Standout Performances Define the Start

With the first full month of the Baseball Division 1 competition done, it is time for a review.

Two things that caught the eye were the two no-hitters thrown by Jackson Longhofer and Yoshitaka Nammoku. 

Jackson Longhofer dominated the lineup of the Merchtem Cats in a 16-0 rout. Longhofer lasted the “full” seven innings (mercy-rule) in which he struck out six and walked four.
Yoshitaka Nammoku had to go a lot deeper as the Borgerhout Squirrels needed nine innings to clinch a 1-0 victory over their neighboring rivals Deurne Spartans. Nammoku flat out dominated the Spartans lineup as he fanned seventeen (!) batters and walked five. The winning run was scored in the ninth when Matas Sirgedas singled with a bases-loaded-situation.

When it comes to the standings, there are no surprises. The four teams that have battled for the first four spots in the past few years are still there. Hoboken Pioneers is in first place with a 8-1 record. The Brasschaat Braves are in second place with nine wins and three losses. Deurne Spartans is third with seven wins and four losses, and last but not least, Borgerhout Squirrels is in fourth place with a 6-4 record, and a two game lead over Namur Angels.

When it comes to hitting, the leaderboard is dominated by players of Deurne Spartans and Hoboken Pioneers. With a batting average of .538, Frank Alejandro Prieto Burgos is in the lead. Runner up is Dennis de Quint with a batting average of .483. De Quint’s team mate Luis Unda is close behind him with an average of .463. With .455, Benjamin Goffaux is in fourth place, followed by Johiner Alfonso Arguinzones Ocanto, who is batting .441 so far.

In this first full month of competition, we have seen 21 long balls so far. In the home run leaderboard, there are four players of Deurne Spartans:  Johiner Alfonso Arguinzones Ocanto and Daniel Bustamante with three each, Leonel Santiago Reina Viant and Alexis Maques, split third place with one dinger each. Tim Veraghtert is the only non-Spartan in the top five with two home runs.

When looking at the starting pitchers, Yoshitaka Nammoku has the best and only sub 1.0 ERA, with a 0.87. The second best starter is Mauro van Mook, who is at a respectable distance with an ERA of 2.25. Anderson Denny Gerdel Nieto is in third place with 2.59.  Three starting pitchers are in the lead with number of wins: Ben van Nuffel, Jackson Longhofer, and Yoshitaka Nammoku, all with four victories.

Of all hitters/base runners, there is one player that stands head and shoulders above the other players: Leonel Santiago Reina Viant. Leonel has a total of fifteen stolen bases. His nearest competitor is Steven de Lannoy with “only” eight stolen bags.

The Merchtem Cats are hit by the departure of their head coach and a few players. In 2023, the team slowly improved and managed to win twelve games, but so far, the team could not clinch a victory yet.