Get Ready for a Grand Slam Weekend at the Youth Baseball Championship!
05/10/2023 1 Minute Read

Get Ready for a Grand Slam Weekend at the Youth Baseball Championship!

We're just days away from the exciting kickoff of the first-ever Youth Baseball Championship! This weekend, baseball fans and enthusiasts of all ages will gather at the Merchtem Cats facility for an unforgettable experience of talent, teamwork, and thrilling competition.

The Merchtem Cats: Fist ever host

Earlier this week on the socials of Baseball Softball Vlaanderen and LFBBS it was announced that The Merchtem Cats have the honor of hosting this historic event.

U12 Championship Teams

We are thrilled to announce the teams that have earned their ticket to the U12 championship. These young athletes are ready to shine on the field:

U15 Championship Teams

In the U15 category, another group of exceptional teams will compete for the championship title:

The Action Begins

Get ready to witness the future stars of baseball in action! The tournament promises exciting matchups, unforgettable moments, and a showcase of the incredible talent within our youth baseball community.

Stay Connected

As we approach the start of the Youth Baseball Championship, be sure to follow Baseball Softball Vlaanderen and LFBBS on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest updates and behind-the-scenes content. Use the hashtag #YouthBaseballChampionship2023 to join the conversation and share your excitement with fellow fans.

Join Us at the Merchtem Cats

We invite you, your family, and friends to join us at the Merchtem Cats this weekend. Let's come together to celebrate the spirit of youth baseball and support these incredible young athletes as they chase their dreams on the diamond. First games start at 10AM on Saturday.

It's time to play ball and make history at the Youth Baseball Championship! We can't wait to see you there.