Antwerp Diamond Classic Great Tournament All Round
06/06/2023 1 Minute Read

Antwerp Diamond Classic Great Tournament All Round

We are proud to announce the final standings of this weekend's first edition of the Antwerp Diamond Classic. Great job and congratulations to all the teams, thank you for being there and making this tournament a success.

We can call this first edition a great success on all fronts and hope to have started a wonderful tradition.



This great tournament would not have been possible without a lot of helping hands so we would like to thank: Borgerhout Squirrels and Deurne Spartans for hosting and making sure everyone had food and drinks this weekend.

Our Umpires:

  • Hans Daanen
  • Benny van der Weehe
  • Andrew Machado
  • Roger Grooms
  • Geoffrey Andries
  • Gaetan Gregarek
  • Florian Van Acker
  • Matthew Connolly
  • Robby Verbeekand
  • Jimmy Cools

Our scorers:

  • Elke Van Goubergen
  • Ester Calderon
  • Iris Ilsen
  • Marina Baert
  • Raf Smits
  • Nicole Van den Broek
  • Carmen Falagiarda
  • Gitte Berckmans

And of course our Tournament Organizers: Peter Allaerts and Steve Dielen!
Thank you to Stad Antwerpen and The Cage Baseball & Softball for your support.

We hope to see you all again next year!