The Red Hawks roster has been announced!
05/09/2023 1 Minute Read

The Red Hawks roster has been announced!

Check out the final 24 players selected to participate in the Baseball European Championship...

Just two and a half weeks to go before the start of the Baseball European Championship that will be played from September 24th until October the 1st, hosted by Czechia. The Red Hawks staff have now announced their final roster consisting out of 24 players from across the country. A lot of familiar faces are part of the team, but several upcoming younger players have made the cut for the first time and will be aiming to debut in Czechia. The final roster can be found here:

Ballardini Lino1996IFDHHoboken Pioneers
Boermans Sam1993OFBorgerhout Squirrels
Cappaert Zeb2003PBrasschaat Braves
Collazos Munoz Natheo2004PMSG Phoenix
De Brauwer Zion2001OFIFBorgerhout Squirrels
De Lannoy Steven1983OFDHBorgerhout Squirrels
De Quint Dennis1985IFHoboken Pioneers
Desmedt Cedric1991PDeurne Spartans
Desmedt Kevin1995PHoboken Pioneers
Goffaux Benjamin1998IFCHoboken Pioneers
Heymans Arthur2001IFCNamur Angels
Janssen Drew1999IFPHeidenheim Heideköpfe (GER)
Mostaert Nando2006IFPDeurne Spartans
Muyldermans Julien2004IFUTMSG Phoenix
Poesmans Axel1996COosterhout Twins (NL)
Poesmans Yves1996OFBrasschaat Braves
Polanco Machado Elvis1978PDeurne Spartans
Rizzi Lucas1999OFIF/PHoboken Pioneers
Roevens Robin1995IFPBrasschaat Braves
Van Mook Mauro2002PBorgerhout Squirrels
Van Nuffel Ben1993PHoboken Pioneers
Vanheer Edouard1993PNamur Angels
Verspreet Brendan1998PHoboken Pioneers
Verspreet Xanders1998OFDHHoboken Pioneers