Softball coaching staff gearing up for a fruitful EC
24/04/2024 2 Minute Read

Softball coaching staff gearing up for a fruitful EC

On Friday March 29th the new Senior National Team Softball Women Program kicked off with a team meeting. The staff invited a big pre-selection to the Sport Vlaanderen Facility in Gent to explain team goals, vision and upcoming selection procedure for this year’s European Championship (Utrecht, Netherlands). Sven Hendrickx will be at the helm and has assembled a capable coaching staff around him, including Jamie Flynn, Nicky Mertens and Reagen Radke. Each of these coaches will have their specific roles but will also assist in other areas as needed. Ester Martinez will coordinate logistical matters.

When asked about the upcoming EC in September, Coach Mertens’ message was simple.

“[We want to] Go as far as possible in the tournament! Play and have fun as a TEAM! If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go TOGETHER!” 

The next step for the Program will entail a four day showcase in May, where Senior Team players will be tested together alongside the U22 pre-selection. Coach Hendrickx will also invite guest instructors consisting of mainly ex-national team players. 

“I think, having some past European experience on these days could guide the pre-selections of both the Senior Team and U22 in the right direction and show them how to work towards and during an EC,” Hendrickx noted. 

Newly appointed Hitting Coach Jamie Flynn followed up in his own words pertaining to the program:

“Belgium Women’s Softball has been quietly on the rise for some time. Short-term, I am excited to show the Belgium softball community how competitive our Senior National Team can be when all involved are pulling in the same, positive direction. Long-term, the number of motivated players we have combined with the thoughtful program structure provided by Sven Hendrickx should take Belgium Softball to new heights.”

Pitching Coach Radke added that

[she] expects to see lots of growth and development in Belgian Softball this year. I believe that this team has the potential to take Belgian Softball to the next level given that they buy into a winning culture.“

Here you can find the Seniors’ full schedule:

March 2920:00 - 22:00Meeting PreselectionSport Vlaanderen, Gent
May 913:00 - 19:00NT Showcase WeekendBeveren Lions
May 1019:00 - 21:30NT Showcase Weekend Beveren Lions
May 1113:00 - 19:00NT Showcase Weekend Hoboken Pioneers
May 1213:00 - 19:00NT Showcase Weekend Hoboken Pioneers
May 14N/ATrim to preselection of +/- 25 players after evaluation of the Showcase WeekendN/A
May 1619:00 - 21:00Practice PreselectionTBD
May 3119:00 - 21:00 Practice Preselection TBD
June 2719:00 - 21:00 Practice Preselection TBD
July 1N/ATrim to Final Roster of 17 playersN/A
July 519:30 - 22:00Game vs KOTN U22ROEF!
July 6Whole dayDoubleheader vs KOTN U22ROEF!
July 1219:00 - 21:00Practice Final RosterTBD
August 219:00 - 21:00Game vs USA AthletesHoboken Pioneers
August 1519:00 - 21:30Practice Final RosterTBD
August 1619:00 - 21:30 Practice Final Roster TBD
August 2719:00 - 21:30 Practice Final Roster TBD
August 2819:00 - 21:30 Practice Final Roster TBD
August 2919:00 - 21:30 Practice Final Roster TBD
August 31TBDDeparture to EC UtrechtTBD
September 1Start EC