Spring Training - Top Baseball Tournament around Antwerp airport at Easter
27/03/2024 1 Minute Read

Spring Training - Top Baseball Tournament around Antwerp airport at Easter

Easter Baseball Tournament with top teams from The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium - in their final preparation for the new 2024 Season. The Dutch and Belgian Baseball Champions of 2023 will be attending!

In memory of their club icon, the Borgerhout Squirrels annually organize the Johan Veraghtert Tournament in collaboration with their sporting rivals the Deurne Spartans. What started as a warm-up for the upcoming baseball season has grown into a renound tournament with international top teams.

On Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 March, Belgian Champion Koninklijke Deurne Spartans, the Borgerhout Squirrels and the Brasschaat Braves will face the Cologne Cardinals, a team from the German Bundesliga. And two top teams from the Dutch Hoofdklasse, namely the Oosterhout Twins and 6x and current Dutch Champion the Amsterdam Pirates.

Quite unique to have such a preseason tournament on Belgian soil and given the group division, a final on Sunday between the Belgian and Dutch Champions may be possible.
All to play for!

Johan Veraghtert Tournament 2024
Saturday, March 30: games from from 10:00 with a Home Run Derby at 17:30!
Sunday, March 31: semi-finals at 12:30 and the Final at 16:00 PM

Amsterdam Pirates
Oosterhout Twins
Cologne Cardinals
Brasschaat Braves
Deurne Spartans
Borgerhout Squirrels

Borgerhout Squirrels – Vosstraat  109  Borgerhout (2140 Antwerpen)
Deurne Spartans – Ruimtevaartlaan 22  Deurne (2100 Antwerpen)

Everybody is welcome - Entrance is free

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